I am an abuse survivor, I have bipolar disorder, I have self harmed, attempted suicide more than once, been hospitalised, spent nights crying and feeling hopeless. I have felt invisible and lonely. I live in constant anxiety. I am familiar with the darkness in the world. I have learnt to pick myself up every single time, I fight every single day and every time I fall I get back up stronger. I still have bad times. Sometimes I’m a mess and that’s okay. It’s the nature of this illness but I keep breathing and I never give up.

I am going to speak my truth and use all the pain and suffering I have been through in the hope it will give others the confidence to use their voice, to smash the stigma, to give others strength and spirit to also fight on. To learn and grow faster without having to learn the hard way. To never feel like they are battling alone.

I am a warrior. I won’t be defeated by the demons that haunt me. I will raise a god damn army of survivors.

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